Tuesday, 31 January 2012

URGENT Stop Air France from transporting live Primates TOMORROW!

{Source: VOX Magazine}
Tomorrow, Air France will be transporting a shipment of 60 live monkeys from Africa to the USA where they will be used for experiments.  

The monkeys will be shipped in small wooden crates from an African breeding facility to Paris, they will then travel to Chicago and be transported by truck to the notorious Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories (SNBL).  In December SNBL was exposed by Peta as particularly cruel to animals after many of them were physically and psychologically abused, deprived of veterinary care and left to suffer untreated wounds.

Almost every major airline refuses to participate in the transportation of primates for animal testing, however, Air France continues to profit from this industry.

If we act now there is still a chance to stop Air France from transporting the monkeys, please click here to contact Air France officials and ask them to cancel this shipment and ban all future transportation of primates for animal testing purposes. 

Please also ask your friends and family to do the same to ensure Air France are pressured to put a stop to their planned journey tomorrow.

Thank you.

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Keep Cruelty History

Source: League Against Cruel Sports

Eight years ago hunting wild animals with dogs for sport was banned.  The process to make it legal again has begun with MP's being asked to vote and pro hunting groups doing everything in their power to bring back this blood sport.  Hence, we need to do EVERYTHING in OUR power to keep the ban.

If you are in the UK please click here, enter your postcode and be taken to a webpage showing your MP and how he or she intends to vote.  Unfortunately my MP wants to repeal the ban which means he wants bloodsports to become legal again.  I have also checked my parents' MP's views and she too wants to repeal the ban.

If your MP also plans on voting to repeal the ban and you wish to contact them to ask that they reconsider their vote, or to applaud them for voting to keep cruelty history, simply enter your name, address and e-mail in the readily prepared form and this will automatically bring up a message for you to quickly send to your MP.  I strongly advise that you personalise the message as much as possible to encourage them to read it, please be polite yet persuasive!  

Please let me know how your MP is planning on voting and please encourage everyone you know to contact their MP and express their views, as well as sharing this on Facebook and Twitter please talk to people in the older generation who may not necessarily use social networking applications.

Thank you.


A while after typing this post I received a response from my MP stating the following "I am not sure where you have obtained information that a vote or debate is imminent. I have seen press reports but as yet I am not aware of any proposals to bring the issue back before the Commons."  

I forwarded the response to James Dixon at the League (JamesDixon@league.org.uk) who advised me to inform my MP that; 

"The urgency for this campaign is prompted by the Prime Minister’s comments on Countryfile on January 15th this year in which he said, “I always thought the hunting ban was a pretty bizarre piece of legislation, I think there should be a free vote in the House of Commons.”

I responded to my MP telling him this and also explaining why I think he should decide to keep cruelty history when a vote is inevitably called.

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Monday, 30 January 2012

Update on Battery Cage Ban (Good News)

CIWF reports that the EU Commission has taken action to enforce the barren battery cage ban by starting the procedure that could mean 13 EU member states facing fines for not complying with the EU wide ban that came into force at the beginning of this year.  Formal letters have been sent to the 13 states about their non-compliance, which are effectively starting infringement proceedings against these Countries.

The UK needs to act now to avoid being the 14th rogue state failing to implement the ban, CIWF is calling on Defra to act swiftly against those flouting the ban.  The Commission  has stated that action would be taken against the UK in February if the illegal battery cages were still being used.

You can help by clicking here to be redirected to CIWF's Big Move campaign page.

Thank you!

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Friday, 27 January 2012

Fluffy Friday #44

We've been lucky enough to have a rather mild winter here in the UK, I am quite disappointed that I have only seen a slight flurry of snow here in London so this Fluffy Friday is dedicated to some snow dwellers with plenty of fluff to keep them warm!

Someone has got that Friday feeling!

Oh, maybe the excitement made him tired?

Never too cold for a spot of surfing!

The REAL Happy Feet!
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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Lunch Time Links #7

It's midweek, and so we plod on.  It's Friday in a few days time, February is just around the corner and before long the signs of Spring will be in the air...  Meanwhile, we have work to do! 

Ask Sketchers not to promote animal cruelty

Save Lolo Wolves in Idaho

Save Wolves in Wyoming

Don't forget to ask your friends to sign these petitions too!

Thank you.

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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Don't Blame the Breed

Suki is getting tired of all this.
Over the weekend there was a very unfortunate incident in Essex involving a six year old girl being attacked by a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and sustaining serious injuries.  The full article can be found here.  The owner of the dog has now been arrested and has admitted liability, the dog is in Police custody.  Luckily, the young girl is recovering well.  

Meet gorgeous 2 year old Staffie Jack Russell Cross, Laila.
She even has her own Twitter account! @LailaBella
Many newspapers have reported this incident with relish, using an image of what they view as a salivating, teeth baring Staffordshire Bull Terrier to accompany their damning reports, although, the more I look at the picture the more I think the dog is in mid sneeze!

This is Claire's beautiful Staffie, Dolly.
You can tell how good natured she is from looking at her beautiful face.
I think she bears more than a passing resemblance to Suki!
All this pain and heartache could have been avoided if the owner had properly cared for his dog as well as providing the extremely important training all dogs need.  I would not be surprised if his dog is euthanised and paid the price for the owners irresponsible behaviour.  The dog should not have been let off the lead without being properly trained.  When we had Suki it was after we had put the work in and trained her to "Come" that we started allowing her freedom off the lead and we only do so because we trust her completely. 

This is TJ, belonging to Kate my friend on Twitter.
TJ is a Rescue Staffie and the loveliest dog you could ever hope to meet.
The events of the weekend has thrust the spotlight back on the Staffie, with people asking "should they be banned?" and "should they be officially listed as a dangerous dog?"  This is an issue causing a real divide in public opinion with debates hotting up on Newspaper websites, message boards and on Facebook and Twitter.  After a segment on popular morning show Lorraine in which "dangerous dogs" were discussed, presenter Lorraine Kelly agreed with her guest who stated that Staffies have "had their day" and "should be banned".  This type of discussion on such a popular and widely viewed TV show has not helped matters and I have been dismayed to see so much ignorance and misinformation being peddled with people assuming that all Staffie owners are dog fighting thugs seeking a status symbol and some people even suggesting all dogs be muzzled and kept on a lead.  I wrote to Lorraine and ITV to explain this but, as expected, have received no response.

This handsome chap is one year old Dexter who loves sleeping,
playing with his friends and chewing slippers! 

He has his own Twitter account as well @dexterthestaffy
This gentle little beauty is 2 year old Bella belonging to Shane 
(My friend  mentioned below).
A Twitter friend of mine took their Staffie (who really is the epitome of the "Nanny Dog" judging from photos I have seen) for a walk yesterday only to be subjected to abuse by other dog owners who had seen the newspaper reports, claiming that all Staffies should be banned.  This opinion expressed by fellow dog owners is even more upsetting and disappointing.

This beautiful little fellow is 10 week old Tate belonging to John.
Look at that face!
Tonight a programme entitled Death Row Dogs is due to air on BBC One which claims it is looking at the growing problem of illegal fighting dogs in Britain.  More information about this can be found within this excellent article on the Cold Wet Nose Blog, by Beverley Cuddy.  Like many Staffy owners I dread what this show will do to the already battered reputation of a loving, loyal, gently and fantastic breed.

Meet the gorgeous Dave, belonging to Lucy.
He can sit, stay, lay and roll over on command!
Official Statement from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home on this weekends attack.
Owner's should do more say the PDSA.

Look at this little poser!
Her name is Missy and she also has her own Twitter
And last, but certainly not least we have Jo's three babies
who certainly know how to pose for the camera.
What well behaved looking dogs and all gorgeous!

Spread the word and join the debate, let others know what you think on Facebook and Twitter.  Try to educate those who have a narrow minded, uninformed view.  Please be polite!

During one debate, someone quite rightly pointed out that back in the 50's and 60's German Shepherds were considered dangerous, in the 70's through to the 90's Rottweilers were considered dangerous and now we have moved on to blaming Staffies.  If you have time, comment on the on-line newspaper articles reminding them of this and also informing them that their image of a "vicious Staffie" looks more like a sneezing Staffie.


Thank you!

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Monday, 23 January 2012

The Pigs Directive

Source: HSI
Back in 2001 a Directive was adopted in the EU to ban individual sow stalls in order to improve the welfare of pigs by moving all breeding pigs into group housing systems.  The ban on individual sow stalls is due to come into force on 1st January 2013.  This is under a year away and many pig producers have much to do before the ban begins.

Individual sow stalls restricts the movement of sows in such a way that they are unable to turn around for their entire pregnancy (four months).  HSI tells us; 

"These intelligent, inquisitive animals are practically immobilised, unable to express their natural range of complex social, foraging, and exploratory behaviour. The barren stalls also lead to behavioural and health problems such as bar biting, foot and leg disorders, and infections."

If this legislation is properly implemented the lives of thousands of pigs can be improved enormously, please sign this petition addressing Commissioner Dalli urging him to ensure this Directive is fully implemented throughout the EU in good time BEFORE the deadline.

Please tell your friends on Facebook and Twitter and encourage them to sign the petition as well.

Thank you!

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Friday, 20 January 2012

Fluffy Friday #43

What a treat I have for you today, my better half showed me these adorable photos last week of Sweetie and Sunshine the Giant Panda's who are settling into their new home in Edinburgh Zoo.  I have been dying to share them with you!

It seems that cheeky female Sweetie has been flirting with potential mate, Sunshine.  Read the hilarious article here and check out the pictures below.

Wave your legs in the air, like you just don't care...

Sweetie shows Sunshine her best angle.

{Both Images from: Metro}

Happy Friday!

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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Who is flouting the ban on illegal Battery Cages?

Source: CIWF
Further to my post about Happy Hens on 7th January, Compassion in World Farming have reported that despite the EU ban on barren battery hen cages taking effect at the beginning of 2012, industry estimates show that due to the non-compliance in a number of nations there are at least 50 million European hens still being illegally kept in barren battery cages.

CIWF reports that there are 14 EU nations that are not complying with the ban on battery cages and the worst culprit is Italy, where industry estimates show that the non-compliance is at least 41% - nearly 20 million hens.

The Italian Health Minister, Renato Balduzzi oversees farm animal welfare.  Sig. Balduzzi took office in November 2011 so will not have experienced the full force of CIWF's Big Move campaign yet.  Please click here to enter a few details and automatically contact Sig. Balduzzi asking him to set out Italy's plans for full compliance to the ban on battery cages, to provide accurate figures to the Commission of the Italian egg industry's level of compliance and confirm what action the Government is taking against producers who break the law.

Please remember to share this with your friends so we can increase the pressure on Italy to adhere to this much welcomed ban on battery cages and improve the lives of nearly 20 million hens.

Thank you!

A day after writing this post I noticed this article informing us that it isn't just Italy that are flouting the ban on battery cages.  Sadly, up to 500,000 hens are still being kept in battery cages in the UK despite the ban.  The ban on battery cages was announced by the EU over ten years ago, in 2009 so British egg producers have had ample time to phase battery cages out.  The Government is confident that the new rules will be fully enforced by the beginning of next month...  Watch this space.

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Monday, 16 January 2012

Oscar's Law

Oscar, image from Oscar's Law.
I love Twitter.  It is such a wealth of information, it was through a contact on Twitter that I found out about Oscar's Law.

Oscar's Law is a campaign in glorious Australia, looking to change the way that animals are kept, bred and sold.  Oscar's Law is clearly telling the Australian Government "we do not want companion animals factory farmed anymore" and "we no longer want the pet industry to mislead us about what is acceptable for our animals."

Oscar is one of the dogs rescued from a puppy factory in Central Victoria, the puppies were severely neglected and required urgent veterinary care.  They were treated for severe matting, ear infections, gum disease, rotten teeth, abscesses and malnourishment.  Sadly, after recovering from surgery Oscar was returned to the puppy farm and the farm was never charged with cruelty despite neglecting all their dogs.  

Thankfully, thanks to 18 months of tireless work by dedicated people Oscar was liberated and is now receiving the love and care he previously lacked and is learning to live a full life as a dog, not a machine.

This campaign is in memory of all the "Oscars" hidden away on puppy farms and treated as machines to supply the pet industry.

Please sign the petition, and tell the Australian Government that factory farming of companion animals will not be tolerated and that we no longer want the pet industry to mislead us about what is acceptable for our pets.

Check out the website and see what else you can do to help the cause, if you are an Australian resident you will also be able to contact Government representatives in your local area.

Don't forget to tell your friends about Oscar's Law on Facebook and Twitter!

Thank you from all the Oscar's out there.

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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Protection for Wild Animals in Travelling Circuses, in the US

Calling all U.S readers!

Exotic animals forced to perform in travelling circuses are separated from their families, trained in a brutal fashion to perform unnatural tricks, chained and confined to small pens and cages and shipped around the country in trains or trucks for months on end.  It is impossible for circuses to meet the complex needs of animals causing high levels of stress.

This issue has been under discussion in the UK and I am pleased that there is now a growing movement in the U.S towards the protection of wild animals in circuses.  Countries such as Austria, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Peru, Singapore and Sweden have all banned wild animals from travelling circuses. 

If you are a resident of the U.S you can help by sending a message to your Congressperson, urging them to support this vitally important bill.  Click on this link for further information and simply enter a few details to send the readily prepared message to your Congressperson. 

Please don't forget to tell your friends by sharing this action on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Thank you.

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Friday, 13 January 2012

Fluffy Friday #42

I am fitting an awful lot of fluff into this post!  

Back in November, a female Polar Bear named Ilka in the Scandinavian Wildlife Park of Djursland (Denmark) gave birth to a male cub named Siku.  Enjoy...

Welcome to the world!

Being this cute is exhausting.

So much fluffiness!

Happy Friday y'all!

Source: Zooborns

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Thursday, 12 January 2012

End Live Animal Exports

{Source: CIWF}
Compassion in World Farming have announced disturbing new figures showing that over 60,000 sheep, pigs and calves have been exported live through Ramsgate port in a 7 month period, this is despite the strong opposition from local residents.

Compassion has been supporting a locally run campaign seeking to end this cruel trade, Thanet District Council controls trade through the Port of Ramsgate and it is on this council to which we need to apply more pressure.  Thanet District Council charges live animal exporters only £750 per sailing for the use of their port, even though the actual cost to the port per sailing is likely to run into thousands.  The difference in cost is being funded by the tax payer.

I am not as concerned about the cost as much as I concerned about the needless suffering endured by thousands of animals, however, if the Council were to increase the fee it would make the exports too expensive to continue.

Please click on this link and fill in a few details in order to contact Thanet District Council asking them to take a stand against live exports by raising the fees to stop this cruel trade.

Can you share this action with your friends as well please?

Thank you!
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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Lunch Time Links #6

Being back at work isn't so bad, is it?  January is a difficult month (in my opinion) but we're half way through the week already and ready for the weekend!  Here is your first Lunch Time Link for 2012 and to ease you in gently there is just one action for you this afternoon:

Ask bebe to ditch fur (Caution: some graphic content)

Thank you!

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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Born to Suffer

Source: RSPCA

RSPCA have announced a new campaign entitled Born to Suffer which is aiming to put an end to the breeding of dogs, based on how they look.  The RSPCA tells us that "it isn't just show dogs that may be suffering.  Many pedigree dogs never appear in shows, but many are bred by breeders who want to produce show-winning animals, and who sell their surplus dogs as pets."

Science shows that some of the most popular dog breeds have been bred to such extremes that they suffer difficulty breathing and walking.  Sadly, some dogs have a difficult time doing normal dog-like things such as playing and going for a walk.  The RSPCA says that a recent study has shown that the 50 most popular breeds have some aspect of their body which can cause suffering.

You can help by joining RSPCA's campaign and signing this petition calling for breed standards to be changed so that health, welfare and temperament of a dog is prioritised rather than how it looks.  Please ask your friends to sign too and don't forget to share this on Facebook and Twitter.  Once you have signed the petition you have the option of adding a "Twibbon" to your Twitter account, this is an icon showing your support of, and raising awareness for the campaign.

If you or anybody you know is thinking of buying or adopting a pedigree dog check out the health and welfare issues here first.

Thank you!
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Monday, 9 January 2012

Puppy Farming Petition: Deadline 10th January (Tomorrow!)

{Source: Dog's Trust}
A Twitter friend posted a link to this petition asking Camarthenshire County Council to reject planning permission for a puppy farm in Wales.  The deadline for the petition to have over 1,000 signatures in tomorrow 10th January.  Please sign the petition and ask your friends to do the same.

Puppy farming is a serious issue that needs to be addressed.  

In puppy farms dogs are often kept in cramped, disgusting conditions without adequate exercise or social stimulation (this means no cuddles or even a friendly pat on the head) they are forced to repeatedly become pregnant and give birth which causes numerous physical problems as well as mental anguish.  The physical problems and mental anguish are often ignored as the sole focus for the owner is more puppies = more profit.

The breeding bitches lack adequate veterinary care due to the cost and most puppy farm owners feel they have the knowledge to recognise and subsequently deal with problems, even though this is not the case. 

Puppy farm puppies in most cases develop physical problems due to the conditions they are kept in as well as behavioural problems due to them being removed from their mother too early.  Research shows that puppies develop better if they remain with their mother until at least 8 weeks of age.  The puppies often end up in a pet shop or are offered for sale at around 6 weeks of age, this ultimately results in them developing behavioural problems due to poor socialisation such as lack of social skills with humans and other animals and fear aggression.  Many are eventually euthanised as a result of these problems.

We have enough unwanted dogs in the UK desperately needing homes, without selfish, money grabbing individuals using and abusing dogs and subjecting them to a life time of misery, for the sole purpose of making money.

Fantastic post by Marc Abraham on puppy farms and other dog matters.

Also check out my blog post back in November about the puppy trade in Ireland.

Please sign the petition and do tell your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you.

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Saturday, 7 January 2012

A Happy New Year, for Hens!

It's a very happy new year for battery hens, on the 1st of January 2012 the EU ban on the barren batter cage came into force.  Compassion in World Farming reports that hundreds of millions of animals will benefit from this remarkable piece of animal welfare legislation, and more than 130 million European hens are spending their lives free of the cruel battery farming system.

CIWF declares this a victory for not only battery hens but for each person who buys free range, organic or barn eggs and the major food companies that have made a stand and declared themselves "cage free".

Unfortunately, the barren battery cage is still in use, illegally in many countries throughout Europe.  Therefore, CIWF's campaign will not be ending here.  The goal is to continue to add pressure on all non-compliant countries and producers until the whole of Europe is cage free.  For more about the campaign, please click here.

Check out the RSPCA website for more news and how to ensure you only buy products from cage free hens.

Thank you.

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Friday, 6 January 2012

Fluffy Friday #41

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely festive season and wish you warm wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2012. To celebrate the first Fluffy Friday of the new year, I want to share with you a few of my animal moments this Christmas.

Happy Friday!

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