Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Don't Blame the Breed

Suki is getting tired of all this.
Over the weekend there was a very unfortunate incident in Essex involving a six year old girl being attacked by a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and sustaining serious injuries.  The full article can be found here.  The owner of the dog has now been arrested and has admitted liability, the dog is in Police custody.  Luckily, the young girl is recovering well.  

Meet gorgeous 2 year old Staffie Jack Russell Cross, Laila.
She even has her own Twitter account! @LailaBella
Many newspapers have reported this incident with relish, using an image of what they view as a salivating, teeth baring Staffordshire Bull Terrier to accompany their damning reports, although, the more I look at the picture the more I think the dog is in mid sneeze!

This is Claire's beautiful Staffie, Dolly.
You can tell how good natured she is from looking at her beautiful face.
I think she bears more than a passing resemblance to Suki!
All this pain and heartache could have been avoided if the owner had properly cared for his dog as well as providing the extremely important training all dogs need.  I would not be surprised if his dog is euthanised and paid the price for the owners irresponsible behaviour.  The dog should not have been let off the lead without being properly trained.  When we had Suki it was after we had put the work in and trained her to "Come" that we started allowing her freedom off the lead and we only do so because we trust her completely. 

This is TJ, belonging to Kate my friend on Twitter.
TJ is a Rescue Staffie and the loveliest dog you could ever hope to meet.
The events of the weekend has thrust the spotlight back on the Staffie, with people asking "should they be banned?" and "should they be officially listed as a dangerous dog?"  This is an issue causing a real divide in public opinion with debates hotting up on Newspaper websites, message boards and on Facebook and Twitter.  After a segment on popular morning show Lorraine in which "dangerous dogs" were discussed, presenter Lorraine Kelly agreed with her guest who stated that Staffies have "had their day" and "should be banned".  This type of discussion on such a popular and widely viewed TV show has not helped matters and I have been dismayed to see so much ignorance and misinformation being peddled with people assuming that all Staffie owners are dog fighting thugs seeking a status symbol and some people even suggesting all dogs be muzzled and kept on a lead.  I wrote to Lorraine and ITV to explain this but, as expected, have received no response.

This handsome chap is one year old Dexter who loves sleeping,
playing with his friends and chewing slippers! 

He has his own Twitter account as well @dexterthestaffy
This gentle little beauty is 2 year old Bella belonging to Shane 
(My friend  mentioned below).
A Twitter friend of mine took their Staffie (who really is the epitome of the "Nanny Dog" judging from photos I have seen) for a walk yesterday only to be subjected to abuse by other dog owners who had seen the newspaper reports, claiming that all Staffies should be banned.  This opinion expressed by fellow dog owners is even more upsetting and disappointing.

This beautiful little fellow is 10 week old Tate belonging to John.
Look at that face!
Tonight a programme entitled Death Row Dogs is due to air on BBC One which claims it is looking at the growing problem of illegal fighting dogs in Britain.  More information about this can be found within this excellent article on the Cold Wet Nose Blog, by Beverley Cuddy.  Like many Staffy owners I dread what this show will do to the already battered reputation of a loving, loyal, gently and fantastic breed.

Meet the gorgeous Dave, belonging to Lucy.
He can sit, stay, lay and roll over on command!
Official Statement from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home on this weekends attack.
Owner's should do more say the PDSA.

Look at this little poser!
Her name is Missy and she also has her own Twitter
And last, but certainly not least we have Jo's three babies
who certainly know how to pose for the camera.
What well behaved looking dogs and all gorgeous!

Spread the word and join the debate, let others know what you think on Facebook and Twitter.  Try to educate those who have a narrow minded, uninformed view.  Please be polite!

During one debate, someone quite rightly pointed out that back in the 50's and 60's German Shepherds were considered dangerous, in the 70's through to the 90's Rottweilers were considered dangerous and now we have moved on to blaming Staffies.  If you have time, comment on the on-line newspaper articles reminding them of this and also informing them that their image of a "vicious Staffie" looks more like a sneezing Staffie.


Thank you!

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  1. Hi Helen,

    I could not agree with your comments more. Looking at each online report the ability to comment is now closed, everybody has something to say on this matter.

    I have two staffy crosses that are quite simply the perfect example of loyal, loving dogs and I am proud to be their owner.

    I could rant on for ages but I think we all know that irresponsible ownership is the root of this.

    Great blog!


  2. Thank you very much for taking the time to comment Sophie. I completely agree with everything you have said, I am also proud to own a Staffie :) It is definitely the irresponsible owners giving Staffies a bad name and it makes me so angry that this keeps happening.

    So glad you like the blog and thanks for stopping by!




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