Thursday, 12 January 2012

End Live Animal Exports

{Source: CIWF}
Compassion in World Farming have announced disturbing new figures showing that over 60,000 sheep, pigs and calves have been exported live through Ramsgate port in a 7 month period, this is despite the strong opposition from local residents.

Compassion has been supporting a locally run campaign seeking to end this cruel trade, Thanet District Council controls trade through the Port of Ramsgate and it is on this council to which we need to apply more pressure.  Thanet District Council charges live animal exporters only £750 per sailing for the use of their port, even though the actual cost to the port per sailing is likely to run into thousands.  The difference in cost is being funded by the tax payer.

I am not as concerned about the cost as much as I concerned about the needless suffering endured by thousands of animals, however, if the Council were to increase the fee it would make the exports too expensive to continue.

Please click on this link and fill in a few details in order to contact Thanet District Council asking them to take a stand against live exports by raising the fees to stop this cruel trade.

Can you share this action with your friends as well please?

Thank you!
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