Thursday, 28 June 2012

All clear for Suki!

Once again I apologise for the lack of posts of late, I am currently juggling a number of things and every spare moment has unfortunately been spent job hunting.  I want to give you all an update on Suki as I am always keen to share good news...  

Last weekend we took her to the vets and he was amazed when she happily trotted in, on four legs whilst wagging her tail.  I am so proud that she feels no fear when visiting the vets as all things considered it would be understandable if she were a bit apprehensive.

We explained to the vet that Suki has been putting a bit of weight on her injured paw and seemed comfortable doing this, he had the dog treats out ready for Suki and she was happy to undergo a quick examination before tucking into the bacon bits.  The vet said the bones in her paw were knitting together very well and therefore he was happy to discharge her!  We are to keep her out of the park for another few weeks, as running on the grass may cause some discomfort, but then it is back to normal.  

Suki is very pleased about this as she is desperate to get back in the park and to be able to socialise with other dogs again.  I confess that I was a bit naughty on Monday evening and when I took her for her evening walk we did end up in the park.  Suki practically dragged me there and I only allowed her to walk on the path that runs through the park for a short distance but it was better than nothing.

Once again, thank you to everyone who has taken an interest in Suki and your good wishes and all your virtual hugs and kisses have definitely helped.  I promise I will take lots of pictures once Suki is back in her beloved park!

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Friday, 22 June 2012

Fluffy Friday #64

Rain, rain go away - come again another day! (Preferably not when it is supposed to be summer).

I found these excellent photos on the Stylist magazine website, enjoy!

How are your animals coping with the weather?

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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Stray cats and dogs to be used in labs?

Back in August of 2011 I posted about the government's plans to integrate new EU Directives on animal experimentation into UK legislation (Lab Animals Directive - A step back?) It appears that the government are planning to remove the current protection granted to stray domestic animals.  If the new rule is added to UK legislation it means that the government could allow the use of stray, lost or abandoned cats and dogs to be used in experiments.  I find this appalling and agree with BUAV's statement that "subjecting lost pets to painful experiments would be an extraordinary betrayal of the trust that companion animals put in us."

An Early Day Motion, supported by members of all parties, has been tabled by Adrian Sanders MP.  Adrian told the BUAV:

"I'm shocked that the government is considering removing the current protection given to our stray cats and dogs from being used in experiments. Losing a pet is distressing, but the idea that the animal could potentially end up in a laboratory is ghastly and unacceptable, and I urge the government to reconsider.”

If the government go ahead with this would contradict their previous claims that British legislation would not be weakened.

Please spare some time to contact your MP and urging them to sign Early Day Motion 193 opposing this proposition.  Find and contact your MP by clicking here and entering your postcode, you will then be directed to a form in which to contact them.  First, have a look at this link showing who has already signed Early Day Motion 193 to see if your MP has already signed.
Suggested text (Feel free to copy + paste)

I am writing with regards to the government's integration of new EU Directives in relation to animal testing.  

Plans to remove the current protection granted to stray domestic animals could mean that stray, lost or abandoned cats and dogs could be used in experiments.  I am shocked and appalled by this decision and echoing Adrian Sanders MP, I think losing a pet is extremely distressing and the idea that a much loved pet could potentially end up in a laboratory is ghastly and unacceptable.  

Going along with this plan contradicts the government's previous claims that British legislation would not be weakened.

I urge you to please sign Early Day Motion 193 opposing this proposition.

Thank you for your time.

Once your message has been sent you will need to check your e-mail as you will be sent a confirmation message from Write To Them, open this message and click on the link to confirm your correspondence to your MP.

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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Grade the government!

What was your School report like?  Were you proud to take this home to your parents, or were you dreading what was written on it ever seeing the light of day?  I was somewhere in-between!  Now, if the UK government were to be given a report card at the end of term, what do you think it would look like?  The RSPCA have created the Animal Welfare Report Card to express mounting frustration at the failures of the coalition government on key animal welfare matters.  

It is our turn to act as the teacher and have our say on the governments performance on animal welfare, click here to start grading.  (It seems that you have to have a Facebook account to do this but don't let that put you off if you are not a Facebook user, you can spread the word by letting your friends that do have Facebook know.)

Here is what I graded the government:

Dog control ~ "Compulsory micro-chipping is not going to tackle this issue, harsher sentences for the irresponsible owners could be more beneficial" 
 - Grade F

Culling badgers ~ "Instead of ignoring Science and public opinion, listen more and consider vaccination instead of culling innocent creatures."
 - Grade F

Wild animals in circuses ~ "Stop stalling!  While you are stalling, animals are suffering.  Set a date for the ban to come into force now" 
- Grade F

Lab animals ~ "I am very disappointed that you would even consider joining the EU Directive 2010, this would make conditions worse for animals rather than improve them and this is unacceptable." 
- Grade F

Overall Comments "I'm afraid this year has been a disaster, please try harder." 
Overall Grade F

What would you grade the government?

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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Suki's progress

I thought it was time for another update on Suki, throughout this difficult week (with Lennox in mind) when it would be easy to admit defeat and give up hope on things, Suki has been an absolute joy and has really cheered me up.

Since I last updated you we had been able to remove her much despised plastic cone and trust her to just occasionally lick her wound rather than the full blown obsession she had before.  This meant no more sleepless nights for any of us, hurrah!

The other markings on her body are scabbing over and healing rapidly.  She saw the vet with her Daddy last Saturday and hopped all the way there herself, the vet was very pleased with her and said she was able to stop taking the antibiotics and wouldn't need a further check up for two weeks.  

This week there has been a lot more progress, she is back to her clumsy and boisterous self (even more clumsy on three legs!) with a healthy appetite and renewed interest in chewing her favourite toys, she is even able to use two paws to hold her rawhide chew and seems even more vocal than normal when asking for her breakfast!  

A few days ago we decided to nip to the local shop to get some chocolate and Suki accompanied us (even though it was raining!) all the way there and back with a big smile on her face.  Despite her traumatic accident she is still confident and doesn't seem phased by the cars whizzing past which is such a relief.

A few times she has kindly left us an unwanted present on the floor which I have taken to mean that she wants to resume her daily exercise routine, I don't want her to run before she can walk (or hop) so we will take it easy.  The difficulty is that she must wear a bandage when going outside and it takes the two of us to get it on her poorly leg, when I tried to put on the bandage alone it ended up with me being licked within and inch of my life and Suki refusing to keep still, rolling on her back to avoid me grabbing her!  We'll get there.

I am rejoicing at how lucky we have all been, things could have been so much worse and I am beyond grateful to still have my beloved pooch at my side.  She is such a brave girl - a real inspiration.  

Suki's accident has taught me that although Suki has been trained to behave off the lead the fact that she ignored commands and ran away subsequently resulting in an accident means that there is still more to do.  Suki is a work in progress and, as a responsible dog owner, I need to work harder to make sure nothing like this ever happens again.

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Friday, 15 June 2012

Fluffy Friday #63 ~ Lennox

It seems fitting to dedicate this weeks Fluffy Friday to Lennox.

I found looking through the many images of the beautiful Lennox very upsetting, I can only imagine what his family are going through right now.  Please look through these pictures and whatever your religious beliefs may be, please say a little prayer or send good wishes to Lennox and his family.

If you want to do something more practical, please sign this petition and ask your friends to do the same.

Lennox in captivity, I found this one of the more upsetting pictures.

All images taken from Google Images.

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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Live animals to be used in London 2012 opening ceremony

The build up to the Olympics, set to begin here in London next month, has reached fever pitch and plans have now been unveiled for the Opening Ceremony.  Amazingly, it was announced that organisers plan to use dozens of live animals in the Ceremony subjecting them to crowds of 62,000 along with the noise, lights and atmosphere that will come with the occasion.  This is extremely irresponsible and can seriously compromise the welfare of the animals as well as showing the UK, a supposed nation of animal lovers, exploiting animals on a global stage.

Please sign this petition demanding that the plans for the use of wild animals are withdrawn immediately.

Also, please e-mail the press office for the Olympics politely telling them your thoughts.

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Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Late yesterday morning Twitter began to flood with reports that a heartbreaking decision had been made by senior judges about the fate of Lennox, he is to be put to sleep.  

Once it had been confirmed by several sources, Lennox supporters voiced their heart rending outrage about the unfair and devastating decision.  I have chosen some to share with you:

@rockyrover30: "The official word from BBC on . Words fail me. Thoughts and prayers with the family at this upsetting time xxx"

@elliehurlock: " has finally ended, w/the worst possible outcome. An innocent dog will be murdered purely for how he looks. What a world this is."

@beverleycuddy: "Hard to believe this innocent dog will die - against so much united international expert support. A shameful day. Poor Lennox. Poor owners."

@nightowl400: "What a world we live in where thugs n criminals walk the streets but an innocent family pet is sentenced to death! Where is the justice?? :("

@pocketouthouse: "Thoughts with the family and if you are truly a dog lover you would understand ...very sad went on to long!! I'm disgusted!"

@pazzypants1970: "can't think about it so sad. They should have done this 2 years ago"

@irenesophia1968: "So sad for Lennox and his family. Soon you will run free Lennox :'( shame on you Belfast city council  "

@HopeRescue: " Devastating news so very sorry. Where is common sense and compassion? Poor boy does not deserve to die - BSL is wrong!!"

@RAOKRichie: "Can words ever express the world's anger at  "judges"? THIS IS AN INJUSTICE for an ANIMAL THAT DIDNT FIGHT BACK! IRONICALLY!"

Dog training expert Victoria Stilwell hit the nail on the head, "devastating and unjust. The dregs of humanity. Evidence from highly skilled dog behaviourists rejected and evidence from a police dog handler upheld. Shame on BSL (breed specific legislation) and shame on those for demonising particular breed types. I can tell you now that because of unqualified people who fear certain dogs, BSL will spread to other breeds, but ignorance will never win because we will continue to fight. Thoughts for Lennox's family and for Lennox. You poor, poor boy, trapped in the middle of this horror all because of human ignorance."

As I type this (less than an hour after the news leaked) there is just one news article I can post which is here from the BBC.  Things will become clearer through coming hours and I will update you as and when I am able with further articles and any statements made by the family.

I would like to take this time to add that I hope Lennox and his family can be reunited, albeit briefly, to say goodbye before he is tragically put to rest.  May Lennox's family find comfort in the fact that they never gave up and fought for Lennox until the last and may they seek solace in all the love and support they have received from campaigners all around the world.


A source who spoke to Lennox's family has confirmed that Lennox is still with us - this means there is still time.  Follow the latest developments by following @SaveLennox on Twitter and follow the conversation by searching #SaveLennox #Lennox #LennoxArmy #EndBSL

What can you do to help?

Please keep an eye on Twitter (see above) and check out the Save Lennox Facebook page for further updates as well as the Save Lennox website.  On here there is a list of people to e-mail asking them to help save Lennox, join the hundreds who have already expressed their outrage at the decision.  I sent my e-mail this morning and I am currently waiting to see if receive a response.  Lennox's family have asked supporters "to remain calm and dignified as always in their response to today's sad and very wrong decision by the Northern Ireland Chief Justice".

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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

I'm boycotting Euro 2012

As Euro 2012 kicked off on Friday 8th June, Europe was immediately engulfed in football fever.  The tournament is being held in Poland and Ukraine but here in London, flags are being given away at tube stations, supermarkets are using their leftover-from-the-Jubilee union jack laden goods as patriotic football supporter tools, colleagues are leaving work early and flooding the pubs to make the 5pm kick off...  Everything and everyone is football mad.  Usually, I enjoy this time of year and jump on the bandwagon but this year is different.

In Ukraine, stray dogs were being shot or poisoned by the government in an attempt to purge the streets of the abandoned and neglected dogs to hide them from the football fans descending on the country.  Instead of promoting effective methods to combat overpopulation, such as spay and neuter initiatives, homeless animals were killed by shooting or poisoning before being buried in mass graves or cremated - it is alleged that sometimes the dogs are not actually dead before they are cremated which I find horrifying.  

These defenceless animals are no different from our pet dogs with the same capacity for love, fear and pain.  The way they have been treated is nothing short of abominable.  

The organisation behind Euro 2012, the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) has criticised the Ukrainian authorities and after being contacted by PETA Germany have offered financial support to animal protection advocates for humane population control initiatives in the country.

Although we can't change what has already happened, it is not too late to sign this petition addressed to the Ukrainian Embassy to encourage them to choose humane methods.  There are many other petitions and actions to be taken, please do check them out if you have time.  As well as contributing to the petitions and actions I am not going to watch a single football match, this may not achieve much but I can't bear to try and enjoy a football game when I think about what has been sacrificed.

Please do let me know if you hear of any more petitions or actions and I will add them.

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