Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Good News about Whaling in the Antarctic

It's a pleasure to share the following great news with you!

Japan has called its Antarctic whaling fleet home which means there will be no more whaling there this year!  Last season 507 whales were killed and in comparison 172 whales have been killed this year.  It would be ideal if no whales were killed but at least this is progress as this could have huge impact on the future of Antarctic whaling.  For WDCS's complete article have a look here.

Whales in the North are still a target for whaling fleets belonging to Japan, Norway and Iceland so we do need to keep the pressure up.  If you can spare some time to visit the WDCS site, they have prepared an e-mail for you already which you can send to the US government asking them to take action.  Click here to send

Remember to tell your friends...
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Monday, 21 February 2011

Use of Chimpanzees in Commercials

Me giving a lovely Chimpanzee a drink of water at Dudley Zoo.
I had a disturbing e-mail from Peta regarding the use of chimpanzees in a commercial for a company called CareerBuilder (The chimpanzees were dressed as office workers).  As you know, chimpanzees are highly intelligent and sensitive animals and the use of them in such commercials is extremely unnecessary and cruel.

Myself and my boyfriend had the pleasure of coming face to face with a lovely group of chimpanzees last year at Dudley Zoo and we were struck by the amount of intelligence in their eyes.  (Our encounters as Keepers for a Day at Dudley Zoo is another story which I promise to share another day)

To read the entire article that was sent to me from Peta and to find out how you can help please click here.  If you are especially sensitive (like me) you may find it difficult reading so you can skip the article and go straight to filling in a few details so that Peta can forward a message to CareerBuilder on your behalf asking them to end their advertising campaign.

Remember those small but helpful things you can also do that don't take long but can make a difference such as sharing this information with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.
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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Ask Harrods' New Owners to make it FUR FREE

Did you know that Harrods is the only department store in the UK that still sells real fur items?  Harrods has recently been sold to a new company (Qatar Holding) which provides an ideal opportunity for us to contact the new owners and ask them to adopt a fur free policy.

Animal Aid have asked that we write polite, informative letters and/or e-mails to the Embassy of Qatar in London and to Quatar Holding, informing them of your opposition to Harrods' involvement in the fur trade. 

Things to emphasise:
1. The majority of people in the UK are opposed to the use of animals for their fur 
2.  Fur farming was outlawed in Britain in 2001. 
3.  A fur-free policy at Harrods would prove extremely popular amongst the store's customers.


Qatar Embassy in London
FAO: His Excellency Sheikh. Hamad Bin Jassim Bin Jabr Al-Thani Prime Minister of Qatar.
1 South Audley Street, London W1K 1NB.


Qatar Holding
FAO His Excellency Abdullah Bin Hamad Al-Attiyah
Qatar Intermediate Industries Holding Company Limited
P.O. Box 28882 Doha, Qatar

PS ~ When I have written my e-mail I will post it here as a template or you can just copy and paste it to save time if you prefer.
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Monday, 14 February 2011

Friday, 11 February 2011

Fluffy Friday #19

Spring is on it's way readers and Valentine's Day is around the corner so to celebrate have a look at this lovely little fellow and the beautiful flower he's clutching.  This is a Spotted Cuscus who can be found in Australia and New Guinea.  Adorable isn't he?
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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

CCTV in Abbatoirs Update

Since Animal Aid's campaign for CCTV to be fitted in all British slaughterhouses began, six major supermarkets have agreed to install CCTV in their abattoirs and insist their suppliers do the same.  The six companies have also promised to allow independant monitoring of the footage gained from the CCTV.  The campaign is not over yet, Animal Aid intend on using their success with Morrisons, Waitrose, Sainsbury's, Tesco, the Co-op and Marks & Spencer to put pressure on the supermarkets that have not agreed to the CCTV proposal.  It is vital that the supermarkets do agree to this since they are the slaughterhouses' main customers.

How to help

Click here and order some postcards and a letter writing guidance sheet from Animal Aid to help with the campaign.
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Monday, 7 February 2011

Update on Suki :)

Suki has been very brave and come through her operation tremendously well.  She had a check up on Saturday and the vet said she was healing very well and has advised us to not let Suki jump up onto anything or to jump off anything in order to keep her stitches firmly in tact.  

Also, Suki can't have as much exercise as usual for two weeks just to ensure she recovers fully.  Despite trying to keep her to complete bed rest she is raring to go and seems as if she is back to normal already!  The vet pointed out that if us humans were to undergo the same operation it would render us out of action for 6 months and it just amazes me how resilient animals are.

We now have to adjust her diet as she is likely to put on weight - although the amount of charging about and tail wagging she likes to do I don't think she'll put on much at all.
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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Spare a thought for Suki.

Our little girl is being spayed tomorrow.  We're dropping her off at 8.30am and although I am pleased that she'll finally be able to run free in the park without worrying about amorous males, I can't help but worry.  The worst thing is when we have to leave her alone at the vets, I hope she realises that we're coming back for her.  She is oblivious about what's in store and happily chewing her bone, last night she had a bath in preparation for the big day.  I hope she forgives us.

I'll let you know how she get's on but please keep her in your thoughts.
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