Saturday, 14 January 2012

Protection for Wild Animals in Travelling Circuses, in the US

Calling all U.S readers!

Exotic animals forced to perform in travelling circuses are separated from their families, trained in a brutal fashion to perform unnatural tricks, chained and confined to small pens and cages and shipped around the country in trains or trucks for months on end.  It is impossible for circuses to meet the complex needs of animals causing high levels of stress.

This issue has been under discussion in the UK and I am pleased that there is now a growing movement in the U.S towards the protection of wild animals in circuses.  Countries such as Austria, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Peru, Singapore and Sweden have all banned wild animals from travelling circuses. 

If you are a resident of the U.S you can help by sending a message to your Congressperson, urging them to support this vitally important bill.  Click on this link for further information and simply enter a few details to send the readily prepared message to your Congressperson. 

Please don't forget to tell your friends by sharing this action on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Thank you.

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