Friday, 8 April 2011

Fluffy Friday #20

I hope this weeks Fluffy Friday is worth the wait!  Here is Suki not looking impressed with her new mac.  She allowed me to put it on and lead her out of the front door, she then sat down and refused to be seen in public.  We are now in a bit of a quandry since she hates getting wet in the rain (and it is April so I expect showers at some point) and she hates the only preventative measure I can think of!  Oh well, I think she looks lovely.  :-)
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What a glorious day!

It is 20 Degrees here, the sunbathers are out in force, the ice cream van is playing a tune and the daffodils and daisies are littering the lush green grash in the park with buttery yellow and white.  This all means it is Spring!  Suki has been thoroughly enjoying skipping (yes, she does skip) through the long grass and chasing the ice cream van but one thing I always try and remember is to keep her cool.  

I have got so used to being freezing cold and snuggling up with a hot water bottle (and even bought Suki a mac the other week, see Fluffy Friday) it is strange to suddenly be too warm.  The RSPCA have some very good advice about keeping your pooch cool in this glorious weather, which is set to last the weekend and beyond.

Have a lovely weekend all.
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