Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Keep Cruelty History

Source: League Against Cruel Sports

Eight years ago hunting wild animals with dogs for sport was banned.  The process to make it legal again has begun with MP's being asked to vote and pro hunting groups doing everything in their power to bring back this blood sport.  Hence, we need to do EVERYTHING in OUR power to keep the ban.

If you are in the UK please click here, enter your postcode and be taken to a webpage showing your MP and how he or she intends to vote.  Unfortunately my MP wants to repeal the ban which means he wants bloodsports to become legal again.  I have also checked my parents' MP's views and she too wants to repeal the ban.

If your MP also plans on voting to repeal the ban and you wish to contact them to ask that they reconsider their vote, or to applaud them for voting to keep cruelty history, simply enter your name, address and e-mail in the readily prepared form and this will automatically bring up a message for you to quickly send to your MP.  I strongly advise that you personalise the message as much as possible to encourage them to read it, please be polite yet persuasive!  

Please let me know how your MP is planning on voting and please encourage everyone you know to contact their MP and express their views, as well as sharing this on Facebook and Twitter please talk to people in the older generation who may not necessarily use social networking applications.

Thank you.


A while after typing this post I received a response from my MP stating the following "I am not sure where you have obtained information that a vote or debate is imminent. I have seen press reports but as yet I am not aware of any proposals to bring the issue back before the Commons."  

I forwarded the response to James Dixon at the League (JamesDixon@league.org.uk) who advised me to inform my MP that; 

"The urgency for this campaign is prompted by the Prime Minister’s comments on Countryfile on January 15th this year in which he said, “I always thought the hunting ban was a pretty bizarre piece of legislation, I think there should be a free vote in the House of Commons.”

I responded to my MP telling him this and also explaining why I think he should decide to keep cruelty history when a vote is inevitably called.

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