Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Late yesterday morning Twitter began to flood with reports that a heartbreaking decision had been made by senior judges about the fate of Lennox, he is to be put to sleep.  

Once it had been confirmed by several sources, Lennox supporters voiced their heart rending outrage about the unfair and devastating decision.  I have chosen some to share with you:

@rockyrover30: "The official word from BBC on . Words fail me. Thoughts and prayers with the family at this upsetting time xxx"

@elliehurlock: " has finally ended, w/the worst possible outcome. An innocent dog will be murdered purely for how he looks. What a world this is."

@beverleycuddy: "Hard to believe this innocent dog will die - against so much united international expert support. A shameful day. Poor Lennox. Poor owners."

@nightowl400: "What a world we live in where thugs n criminals walk the streets but an innocent family pet is sentenced to death! Where is the justice?? :("

@pocketouthouse: "Thoughts with the family and if you are truly a dog lover you would understand ...very sad went on to long!! I'm disgusted!"

@pazzypants1970: "can't think about it so sad. They should have done this 2 years ago"

@irenesophia1968: "So sad for Lennox and his family. Soon you will run free Lennox :'( shame on you Belfast city council  "

@HopeRescue: " Devastating news so very sorry. Where is common sense and compassion? Poor boy does not deserve to die - BSL is wrong!!"

@RAOKRichie: "Can words ever express the world's anger at  "judges"? THIS IS AN INJUSTICE for an ANIMAL THAT DIDNT FIGHT BACK! IRONICALLY!"

Dog training expert Victoria Stilwell hit the nail on the head, "devastating and unjust. The dregs of humanity. Evidence from highly skilled dog behaviourists rejected and evidence from a police dog handler upheld. Shame on BSL (breed specific legislation) and shame on those for demonising particular breed types. I can tell you now that because of unqualified people who fear certain dogs, BSL will spread to other breeds, but ignorance will never win because we will continue to fight. Thoughts for Lennox's family and for Lennox. You poor, poor boy, trapped in the middle of this horror all because of human ignorance."

As I type this (less than an hour after the news leaked) there is just one news article I can post which is here from the BBC.  Things will become clearer through coming hours and I will update you as and when I am able with further articles and any statements made by the family.

I would like to take this time to add that I hope Lennox and his family can be reunited, albeit briefly, to say goodbye before he is tragically put to rest.  May Lennox's family find comfort in the fact that they never gave up and fought for Lennox until the last and may they seek solace in all the love and support they have received from campaigners all around the world.


A source who spoke to Lennox's family has confirmed that Lennox is still with us - this means there is still time.  Follow the latest developments by following @SaveLennox on Twitter and follow the conversation by searching #SaveLennox #Lennox #LennoxArmy #EndBSL

What can you do to help?

Please keep an eye on Twitter (see above) and check out the Save Lennox Facebook page for further updates as well as the Save Lennox website.  On here there is a list of people to e-mail asking them to help save Lennox, join the hundreds who have already expressed their outrage at the decision.  I sent my e-mail this morning and I am currently waiting to see if receive a response.  Lennox's family have asked supporters "to remain calm and dignified as always in their response to today's sad and very wrong decision by the Northern Ireland Chief Justice".

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