Thursday, 28 June 2012

All clear for Suki!

Once again I apologise for the lack of posts of late, I am currently juggling a number of things and every spare moment has unfortunately been spent job hunting.  I want to give you all an update on Suki as I am always keen to share good news...  

Last weekend we took her to the vets and he was amazed when she happily trotted in, on four legs whilst wagging her tail.  I am so proud that she feels no fear when visiting the vets as all things considered it would be understandable if she were a bit apprehensive.

We explained to the vet that Suki has been putting a bit of weight on her injured paw and seemed comfortable doing this, he had the dog treats out ready for Suki and she was happy to undergo a quick examination before tucking into the bacon bits.  The vet said the bones in her paw were knitting together very well and therefore he was happy to discharge her!  We are to keep her out of the park for another few weeks, as running on the grass may cause some discomfort, but then it is back to normal.  

Suki is very pleased about this as she is desperate to get back in the park and to be able to socialise with other dogs again.  I confess that I was a bit naughty on Monday evening and when I took her for her evening walk we did end up in the park.  Suki practically dragged me there and I only allowed her to walk on the path that runs through the park for a short distance but it was better than nothing.

Once again, thank you to everyone who has taken an interest in Suki and your good wishes and all your virtual hugs and kisses have definitely helped.  I promise I will take lots of pictures once Suki is back in her beloved park!

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