Saturday, 16 June 2012

Suki's progress

I thought it was time for another update on Suki, throughout this difficult week (with Lennox in mind) when it would be easy to admit defeat and give up hope on things, Suki has been an absolute joy and has really cheered me up.

Since I last updated you we had been able to remove her much despised plastic cone and trust her to just occasionally lick her wound rather than the full blown obsession she had before.  This meant no more sleepless nights for any of us, hurrah!

The other markings on her body are scabbing over and healing rapidly.  She saw the vet with her Daddy last Saturday and hopped all the way there herself, the vet was very pleased with her and said she was able to stop taking the antibiotics and wouldn't need a further check up for two weeks.  

This week there has been a lot more progress, she is back to her clumsy and boisterous self (even more clumsy on three legs!) with a healthy appetite and renewed interest in chewing her favourite toys, she is even able to use two paws to hold her rawhide chew and seems even more vocal than normal when asking for her breakfast!  

A few days ago we decided to nip to the local shop to get some chocolate and Suki accompanied us (even though it was raining!) all the way there and back with a big smile on her face.  Despite her traumatic accident she is still confident and doesn't seem phased by the cars whizzing past which is such a relief.

A few times she has kindly left us an unwanted present on the floor which I have taken to mean that she wants to resume her daily exercise routine, I don't want her to run before she can walk (or hop) so we will take it easy.  The difficulty is that she must wear a bandage when going outside and it takes the two of us to get it on her poorly leg, when I tried to put on the bandage alone it ended up with me being licked within and inch of my life and Suki refusing to keep still, rolling on her back to avoid me grabbing her!  We'll get there.

I am rejoicing at how lucky we have all been, things could have been so much worse and I am beyond grateful to still have my beloved pooch at my side.  She is such a brave girl - a real inspiration.  

Suki's accident has taught me that although Suki has been trained to behave off the lead the fact that she ignored commands and ran away subsequently resulting in an accident means that there is still more to do.  Suki is a work in progress and, as a responsible dog owner, I need to work harder to make sure nothing like this ever happens again.

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