Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Grade the government!

What was your School report like?  Were you proud to take this home to your parents, or were you dreading what was written on it ever seeing the light of day?  I was somewhere in-between!  Now, if the UK government were to be given a report card at the end of term, what do you think it would look like?  The RSPCA have created the Animal Welfare Report Card to express mounting frustration at the failures of the coalition government on key animal welfare matters.  

It is our turn to act as the teacher and have our say on the governments performance on animal welfare, click here to start grading.  (It seems that you have to have a Facebook account to do this but don't let that put you off if you are not a Facebook user, you can spread the word by letting your friends that do have Facebook know.)

Here is what I graded the government:

Dog control ~ "Compulsory micro-chipping is not going to tackle this issue, harsher sentences for the irresponsible owners could be more beneficial" 
 - Grade F

Culling badgers ~ "Instead of ignoring Science and public opinion, listen more and consider vaccination instead of culling innocent creatures."
 - Grade F

Wild animals in circuses ~ "Stop stalling!  While you are stalling, animals are suffering.  Set a date for the ban to come into force now" 
- Grade F

Lab animals ~ "I am very disappointed that you would even consider joining the EU Directive 2010, this would make conditions worse for animals rather than improve them and this is unacceptable." 
- Grade F

Overall Comments "I'm afraid this year has been a disaster, please try harder." 
Overall Grade F

What would you grade the government?

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