Wednesday, 1 February 2012

January: In Review

As we say goodbye to the long and grey month that is January and welcome a brand new month, here is what you may have missed!

Happy New Year for Hens: Barren battery hen cages are now illegal in the EU but some countries are flouting the ban.

Puppy Farming Petition: A proposal has been made for a new puppy farm in Wales, it is vital that this is stopped in its tracks.

Born to Suffer: RSPCA has piloted a campaign asking people to put an end to the breeding of dogs simply due to how they look.

End Live Animal Exports: CIWF is asking for support in their campaign to put an end to thousands of animals being transported for long journeys in appalling conditions.

Protection for Wild Animals in travelling circuses in the USA: This needs to be banned in the US as well.

Oscar's Law: An Australian campaign looking to change the way animals are kept, bred and sold.

The Pigs Directive: A ban on individual sow stalls is due to come into force at the beginning of 2013, read about it here.

Don't Blame the Breed:  After an unfortunate incident certain dog breeds are wrongfully accused of being unsafe and aggressive when in reality it is dog owners that should change their behaviour.  My friends on Twitter provided me with some adorable photos of their dogs so this is well worth checking out!

Fluffy Friday included a cheeky Panda, some wintry creatures and Rusty, Suki and Charlie's Christmas snaps.

Lunch Time Links was back with plenty of quick actions so if you haven't checked these out yet, please do so.

Thank you for stopping by!

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