Monday, 7 February 2011

Update on Suki :)

Suki has been very brave and come through her operation tremendously well.  She had a check up on Saturday and the vet said she was healing very well and has advised us to not let Suki jump up onto anything or to jump off anything in order to keep her stitches firmly in tact.  

Also, Suki can't have as much exercise as usual for two weeks just to ensure she recovers fully.  Despite trying to keep her to complete bed rest she is raring to go and seems as if she is back to normal already!  The vet pointed out that if us humans were to undergo the same operation it would render us out of action for 6 months and it just amazes me how resilient animals are.

We now have to adjust her diet as she is likely to put on weight - although the amount of charging about and tail wagging she likes to do I don't think she'll put on much at all.
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