Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Good News about Whaling in the Antarctic

It's a pleasure to share the following great news with you!

Japan has called its Antarctic whaling fleet home which means there will be no more whaling there this year!  Last season 507 whales were killed and in comparison 172 whales have been killed this year.  It would be ideal if no whales were killed but at least this is progress as this could have huge impact on the future of Antarctic whaling.  For WDCS's complete article have a look here.

Whales in the North are still a target for whaling fleets belonging to Japan, Norway and Iceland so we do need to keep the pressure up.  If you can spare some time to visit the WDCS site, they have prepared an e-mail for you already which you can send to the US government asking them to take action.  Click here to send

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