Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Improving Animal Welfare in Slaughterhouses

Animal Aid released images showing cruelty in some abattoirs earlier this year which has prompted the RSPCA to shout louder for mandatory CCTV in all British abattoirs in the hope of improving animal welfare as well as the monitoring and enforcement of legalisation.  Slaughterhouses currently approved by the RSPCA's Freedom Food label have CCTV installed already and the RSPCA think that the biggest buyers of meat from abattoirs - Supermarkets - changed their policty to only source from abattoirs with CCTV it would really make a difference and prompt slaughterhouses to make the decision to install CCTV. 
Read more about the RSPCA's involvement with slaughterhouses.

How to help
(Aside from becoming vegetarian or vegan and not eating meat) Ask shops and supermarkets if they have a policy of only sourcing meat from CCTV regulated abattoirs (contact details below and template e-mail to follow)  Let the RSPCA know what your response is here

Contacting Supermarkets:

If you don't receive a response look for the supermarkets Facebook or Twitter pages and ask there as well, chances are they will respond.

UPDATE! (23/11/2010)

I have removed Morrisons from the list of supermarkets as they have now agreed to install CCTV in all it's abattoirs!  Read about it here.

Template e-mail as promised...

Dear Sir/Madam,
As a customer of your Supermarket I am interested in what your views are about the possibility of mandatory CCTV being fitted in all British abattoirs to improve animal welfare and monitor and enforce legalisation?  Earlier this year images were released showing cruelty to animals in some abattoirs and this has greatly disturbed me therefore it is important to me to hear your views on this subject and to find out whether you would support mandatory CCTV being fitted in abattoirs where you source your meat?
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours faithfully,

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