Monday, 21 February 2011

Use of Chimpanzees in Commercials

Me giving a lovely Chimpanzee a drink of water at Dudley Zoo.
I had a disturbing e-mail from Peta regarding the use of chimpanzees in a commercial for a company called CareerBuilder (The chimpanzees were dressed as office workers).  As you know, chimpanzees are highly intelligent and sensitive animals and the use of them in such commercials is extremely unnecessary and cruel.

Myself and my boyfriend had the pleasure of coming face to face with a lovely group of chimpanzees last year at Dudley Zoo and we were struck by the amount of intelligence in their eyes.  (Our encounters as Keepers for a Day at Dudley Zoo is another story which I promise to share another day)

To read the entire article that was sent to me from Peta and to find out how you can help please click here.  If you are especially sensitive (like me) you may find it difficult reading so you can skip the article and go straight to filling in a few details so that Peta can forward a message to CareerBuilder on your behalf asking them to end their advertising campaign.

Remember those small but helpful things you can also do that don't take long but can make a difference such as sharing this information with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.
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