Thursday, 7 June 2012

Project Pig - Pressure on Poland

Refresh your memory on CIWF's Project Pig by checking out this post.  

To recap, CIWF has launched a campaign entitled Project Pig to ensure that the scheduled ban on sow stalls comes into force in January 2013, as promised.  The sow stall ban will be a huge step forward for pigs with millions of pregnant sows spending their lives together in groups instead of being confined in small metal crates, alone.

The ban was agreed to over 10 years ago in 2001 but only around half of EU Member States believe that their pig farmers will comply with the ban on time.  One of the worst offenders is Poland where the Government have estimated that over 2,000 farms will be in breach of the ban.

CIWF supporters have already sent thousands of urgent messages to the Polish Agriculture Minister calling for action, however, there is more to be done.  Please click here and add your name and e-mail address to the readily prepared letter to the main farming organisations in Poland encouraging them to comply.

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