Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Get Well Soon Suki

I'm just stopping by to apologise for the lack of blog posts of late, just over a week ago Suki was hit by a car.  She is still with us and we are very lucky indeed.  She was bruised and battered with a very damaged front arm and paw which is undergoing treatment.  The accident happened on a sunny Sunday afternoon but we were able to locate a nearby vet who happened to be available therefore Suki was able to receive almost immediate attention.

This past week we have been taking time off work and spending a lot of time with our girl and visiting the vet regularly to monitor the progress of her damaged front arm.  She has healed very well so far but this morning the vet discovered that the more serious wound has started to become infected which has meant leaving it open and to stop eager Suki from licking it too much she is having to wear a plastic cone which, as you can imagine, she is not too thrilled about.

Thank you to all of those who have kept Suki in your thoughts and sent her your best wishes, I will keep you posted and normal service will hopefully resume soon.

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