Thursday, 26 April 2012

Help Change the Lives of Farm Animals

There are billions of animals suffering on industrial farms, spending their entire lives confined without fresh air or sunlight, can you imagine that?  I agree with WSPA wholeheartedly that "animal friendly farming is better for animals, people and the planet".

The United Nations 2012 Earth Summit in Rio is the most significant global discussion on the planet's future, we need to ensure that H.E. Dr. John W. Ashe and H. E. Mr. Sook Kim (Co-chairs) are aware that the well being of farm animals need to be included on the agenda in the hope that this can influence the delegates who are attending on our behalf.

Please click here to be directed to a ready prepared letter to Dr. Ashe and Mr. Kim, enter a few details and hit submit.

The lovely singer Leona Lewis posted the new WSPA campaign on her Facebook page and Blog last week, I hadn't heard about the Earth Summit until she mentioned it.  I love how she uses her high profile to raise awareness for the plight of animals around the world, you can really see how genuine her love of animals is and with Leona's millions of fans she will really be able to make waves!

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