Friday, 27 April 2012

Fluffy Friday #57

I need something to cheer me up today, it has been a long and wet week!  Check out these questionable hair styles of some of our fluffy friends.

Do you think punk will ever be in again?

Perhaps I overdid it a tad on the back combing?

I'm always being complimented on my hair, if only I could see the people who said such nice things!

Water and electric does not mix.

That is the last time I visit that hairdresser!

Do you think pigtails make me look younger?

Bad dye job, huh?

I am all about bangs.

I think someone needs to explain that Movember is just in November.
It has taken years to grow my eyebrows this long!

No, I'm not going to an 80's fancy dress party.

Happy Weekend!

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