Monday, 30 April 2012

April: In Review

What a month it has been!  Amidst the April Showers (Or maybe it would be better described as April Floods?) there has been lots of excitement with both mine and The Animal News's birthdays, as well as Easter and lots of actions to catch up on.

I always like to try and start the month with some good news and I was able to this month with an update on the 8-Hours Campaign.  Thousands of people wrote to their MEP's earlier this year asking them to sign a Written Declaration calling for the establishment of a maximum 8 hour journey limit for live animals being transported, 396 MEP's signed the declaration which means it will now become an official position of the European Parliament.  This is excellent news but the campaign still needs your help, if you haven't already signed the petition you can do so here

As well as the Lunch Time Links and Fluffy Fridays throughout the rainy month of April I shared a story with you all about when Suki finally came face to face with Rusty the cat, it's well worth a read!

At the end of March, CIWF launched their Project Pig campaign which is aiming to pressure the EU nations to ensure the sow stall ban comes into effect before the 2013 deadline.  Find out how you can help here.

Just after The Animal News celebrated it's second birthday another exciting thing happened,...

Suki won the "Sweetest Staffie" award at The Mayhew Animal Home's Hyde Bark event!  I still can't stop smiling when I remember what a lovely day we had and how far Suki has come.  Suki has blossomed from an insecure, boisterous, clingy, obsessively licking dog to an award winning, calm, well-behaved and most importantly, happy dog (okay, she still obsessively licks!)  Due to the excitement I was experiencing at the time of creating the post I completely neglected to mention what the whole day was in aid of so please do visit The Mayhew's website and check out the fantastic work they do.

After I discovered an injured baby pigeon whilst walking Suki one evening I found the RSPCA so helpful I decided to post about it and include some very good seasonal advice about Spring baby animals just in case you came across any casualties.

There are so many examples of animals needing help all over the world, I know I should be used to it by now but each time I hear about a case of animals being treated unfairly I am still shocked.  I certainly wouldn't have thought that the bright lights of New York would hold a secret so upsetting.  Read about the horses forced to pull carriages through the busy city, day after day and the death and destruction this has caused.  There are many ways you can help, check out how.

There are literally billions of animals suffering on industrial farms, spending their entire lives confined without fresh air or sunlight.  The United Nations 2012 Earth Summit in Rio is the most significant global discussion on the planet's future, we need to ensure that H.E. Dr. John W. Ashe and H. E. Mr. Sook Kim (Co-chairs) are aware that the well being of farm animals need to be included on the agenda in the hope that this can influence the delegates who are attending on our behalf.  Find out how we can do this.

Thank you for all your support during this month, here's to a brighter (and dryer!) May.

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