Monday, 12 March 2012

Save Chilean Sea Lions from Needless Slaughter

WSPA reports that sea lions in Chilean waters are in dire need of our help to protect them from needless slaughter.

Sea lions are protected species in Chile, however, the Government is attempting to use loopholes in current legalisation to begin a mass cull as they are blaming the sea lions for the scarcity of fish in Chilean waters.  It is not sea lions to blame but decades of overfishing.  The Government are ignoring this factor as well as vehement opposition from the people of Chile.

Without protection, thousands of sea lions will be culled, many will be exposed to further exploitation such as a life in captivity "performing" in aquariums and zoos and others are at risk of having their body parts exported to Asia for use in "aphrodisiac medicines".

You can help!  Please click here and enter a few details to contact President  PiƱera  and ask him to reject any recommendations that encourage the outcomes listed above

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