Monday, 12 March 2012

Final Update on Gracia Del Mar Tragedy

Source: CIWF
CIWF have reported the final outcome for the animals stranded on the Gracia Del Mar vessel in Egyptian waters.  Unfortunately, whilst passing through the Algerian Coast on the way to Egypt, the ship was caught in a snow storm and extremely low temperatures.  Many of the cattle could not withstand these severe conditions and thousands died.

The ship attempted to dock in a number of places along the Red Sea and was refused at Egyptian ports and in other nations.  It is now understood that all live cattle have since been transferred from the Gracia Del Mar and taken inland, it is still not clear which country the animals are residing in.

Over half the animals on-board the ship (around 3,000) are thought to have now died.  The exact details have still not been revealed but what this tragedy does show is that the long distance transport of animals needs to stop.

CIWF thanks the over 40,000 people who sent e-mails to Brazil, Egypt and the OIE for their compassion and called the response "astounding".  CIWF states that "this latest tragedy provides yet more evidence that long distance live transport has no place in modern farming".

For more information on CIWF's campaigns and how you can help, please view their website here.

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  1. quote....all live cattle have since been transferred from the Gracia Del Mar and taken inland,unquote.
    and how will they be slaughtered?!

  2. I'm afraid it is not known which country or what will happen to the cattle. I am assuming they will be slaughtered but I don't have the information ascertaining this. If you would like to help, please join CIWF's campaign detailed at the link at the bottom of my post.




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