Tuesday, 13 March 2012

URGENT DEADLINE! Please help stop expansion of broiler chicken farm

An application to expand an intensive broiler chicken farm in Worcestershire was refused last year, however, an appeal has been lodged by owner Jon Hickton.  The application was requesting permission for the farm to double in size which would result in thousands more chickens being condemned to a life of suffering.

The chickens spend their lives in filthy sheds crammed alongside tens of thousands of other chickens, this can result in chronic respiratory diseases and weakened immune systems.  The chickens are dosed with antibiotics to combat diseased and bred to grow so big, so fast that they become crippled due to their own weight and can suffer to organ failure.  When chickens reach "slaughter weight" they are killed, this is usually when they reach 40 to 45 days old.  

Each day more than 100,000 chickens on factory farms die before being sent to slaughter.

Please click here and enter a few details to this polite letter to the Planning Inspectorate voicing serious objections to this application and urging the agency to reject the proposal.  Please note that the closing date for objections is Thursday 15th March.

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