Wednesday, 30 November 2011

November in Review

Baby it's cold outside and definitely time to snuggle down indoors, put on some Christmas songs, maybe pour yourself a cup of mulled wine whilst waving goodbye to November and catch up on The Animal News November Review.

It's been a very busy month and here is what you may have missed:

Did you take Ripley for a walk in honour of the Pedigree Adoption Drive?

How about contacting the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to request an emergency ban on keeping wild and exotic animals?  Template message can be found here.

A lengthy post and slightly time consuming action here, but animals in Japan need our help so if you have time to do this whilst you're snuggled up in the warm I think they would really appreciate it.

Animals dying for fashion, find out how you can help.

Check out the One Way Ticket and 8 Hours campaigns against long animal transportation here.

We talked about the disgraceful business of Puppy Farming, here's how you can help.

Did you celebrate Fur Free Friday?

I posted about the cruel and unnecessary poisoning of dogs in Ukraine, all for the sake of football.

And finally, are you a good egg?

Happy almost December everyone...

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