Thursday, 24 November 2011

Are you a good egg?

The RSPCA reports that on 1st January 2012, an EU ban outlawing barren battery hen cages will come into force after it was agreed back in 1999.  All English and Welsh producers are expected to adhere to this law and produce “legal eggs”.  Despite having 12 years in which to change, more than one in three cage eggs produced across Europe in 2012 are expected to come from systems that use unlawful cages.

What does this mean?

This means that illegal eggs and products like cakes and sandwiches could be on the shelves of our shops next year and around 84 million hens may still be living in cramped, bare (and now illegal) cages.

To avoid this happening the RSPCA are urging the Department of Environment for Rural Affairs (DEFRA) to set up a system ensuring that only legal eggs and products are allowed into both England and Wales from Europe.

How can you help?

Click here to implore your government representative to take action for hens. 

I’m afraid you are only able to take this action if you are a resident of England or Wales, however, there is still action to be taken since this is not the end of the matter…

The ban is a positive move but “enriched” cages are still accepted despite not being much bigger and still preventing hens carrying out their natural behaviours.  Please always ensure you buy your eggs from cage-free hens, the eggs will either be labelled barn, free-range or freedom food.  Also, ensure that products you buy such as cake and mayonnaise are made with free range eggs by checking the ingredients.

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