Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Dogs being killed in Ukraine for the sake of football

{Image from HSI}

Humane Society International report that dogs who live on the streets of Ukraine are unfortunately being poisoned in a misguided effort to remove them from the streets in time for the Euro 2012 football tournament. Meat laced with poison is left out for the dogs resulting in a prolonged and painful death for thousands of dogs.

For over 20 years HSI has helped provide successful and life saving solutions to end the overpopulation of dogs throughout the world.  Although HIS has contacted Ukranian officials suggesting they work together in a humane approach to controlling the street dog population, no response has been received.

The overpopulation of dogs around the world can be humanely managed through spay & neuter campaigns, as well as the provision of rabies vaccinations, veterinary training and the education of communities in order to help change attitudes and behaviour towards vulnerable animals.

Please spare a moment of your time to click on this link and contact the President of Ukraine what poisoning the dogs is not the answer and this suffering must stop now.  

It is more likely that your message will be read if you amend it slightly as if they keep receiving the same message that HSI has prepared it is likely they will ignore or delete it.  If you don’t have time to change the message then amending the subject title works too.  In my message I have added, quite truthfully, that during Euro 2012 I shall be thinking of the dogs instead of football.
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