Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Lunch Time Links #1

How do you spend your lunch time?  

I work in an office and like to get some fresh air at lunch time.  If I’m not nipping back home to pay a visit to Suki, I usually take my book and go outside into the park and eat my lunch under a tree (surrounded by hungry squirrels and pigeons).  If I’m back a bit early I’ll have a quick look online. 

Some of my colleagues stay in the office and browse the net throughout lunch, this gave me an idea.  If you can spare just 5 minutes at lunch time to make a few useful clicks it would really make a difference.  By useful clicks, I mean click on some provided links directing you to petitions, enter your name and e-mail address, possibly a comment and hit submit.  After you have confirmed your signature you’re all done!  

If you can then spare an extra minute to share the action you have taken on Facebook and/or Twitter it will make even more of a difference!

The more actions you take, the less time it will take you as your computer will remember the information you enter and save you even more time.

So, here are your first Lunch Time Links:

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