Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Seasonal Safety ~ Part II

Bonfire Night is fast approaching and I have already been listening to the crackling of Fireworks.  Time for Part Two of Seasonal Safety.  

Each animal is different, I have known animals who are terrified of Fireworks and others that obliviously sleep through the whole thing.  Whether your pet(s) are scared of Fireworks or not it is a good idea to have safety measures in place just in case.  Remember that although Bonfire Night is November 5th, the days surrounding this date are likely to involve Fireworks so keep in mind the advice below for this period.

Walk your dog before it gets dark and the Fireworks start.  This will hopefully tire him or her out a little.  

Keep animals indoors during the Bonfire Night period.

Make sure your pet has somewhere to hide if they want to.

Close windows and curtains and put on soothing music to mask the sound of Fireworks,

If your pet does show signs of being afraid, the best thing to do is ignore their behaviour.  Only step in if your pet is likely to cause harm to his or herself and don’t punish or praise your pet for their behaviour.

Advice for Dogs

If your dog is particularly frightened on Bonfire Night, have a chat with your vet about pheromone diffusers which disperse calming chemicals into the room.

Don’t leave your pet alone, allocate one or more family members to stay home.  Choose a quiet room in the house and distract your pet by playing with toys, if this is what they want to do.

If your dog has a friend that is not phased by Fireworks, it is an idea to keep them both together in the hope that your dog will realise there is no reason to be afraid.

Advice for Cats

Make sure your cat has somewhere to hide and once safely hidden, do not try to tempt him or her out as this may cause further stress.

Advice for Small Animals

If your pet lives outside permanently then soundproof their home with blankets but ensure your pet can still see out of their home.

For animals that like to burrow, provide plenty of bedding so they are able to do this.

If it is possible, bring your pet indoors during the Bonfire Night period.

This advice has been adapted from RSPCA.
Check back for Part Three in a few weeks time.

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