Thursday, 3 November 2011

Update on... SUKI!

Suki has had a very eventful summer, we took her to a Farm Cottage in beautiful Northumberland for a week back in August and she thoroughly enjoyed herself running on the beach (though not in the sea) and jumping through the corn fields.  Upon coming across some farm animals she was transfixed by the sheep, seeming to think they were a type of woolly dog that wanted to play with her.  She didn’t get the hint when the sheep ran away!  We even took Suki on a boat trip to see some seals off the coast and she was highly excited by that experience as well.

The next big adventure for Suki was moving down to the Big Smoke which has involved lots of travelling on the tube as well as visiting Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and all of the big parks London has to offer.  When walking in Green Park, which is just a stones throw from the Palace, we came across a very well to do lady who was walking a Jack Russell named Jack, we were quite taken with the little dog and admired his coat which featured an embroidered crown.  It was the crown that made me wonder if little Jack could possibly have a Royal owner, apparently the Duchess of Cornwall has recently adopted a Jack Russell named Jack and I can’t help but wonder if Suki’s play mate could have been quite famous!

Whilst living in our temporary house in London, Suki has become a frequent visitor to the local park and made numerous friends both canine and human.  She has taken a shine to one dog in particular, a Rottweiler Staffie cross named Brockster.  I think he is her boyfriend but don’t tell her I told you, otherwise she will be embarrassed.  Suki is such a sociable dog and the smile on her face after meeting her friends in the park really warms my heart.

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