Monday, 11 July 2011

Intensive Pig Farm Application Resubmitted

A year on from this post about the Midland Pig Producers' (MPP) application to Derbyshire County Council asking for permission to build a prison for up to 25,000 pigs and the subsequent withdrawal, the application has once again been resubmitted. 

Pigs are highly intelligent animals who are more at home foraging in woodlands, so being subjected to life in a factory farm is nothing short of torture.  It is anticipated by MPP that 2,500 breeding sows would be kept in the facility and that 1,000 per week would be transported for slaughter.  This amount of pigs confined together in one location will mean even more disease, infection and injury than alreadys exists within normal factory farms.  This type of intensive farming contributes to the spread of diseases, such as swine flu, to the human population.

Please click on this link and fill in your details in order to ask Derbyshire County Council to reject MPP's proposed pig prison.  If you have time you are able to add your own comments to the ready prepared message, don't forget to tell your friends!
Thank you.

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