Sunday, 10 July 2011

Back Off Badgers! - Update

It is expected that soon the government will be making an announcement on whether to cull badgers in England as part of a plan to control Bovine TB in cattle.  The government in Wales have announced that they will be postponing a planned badger cull until after they have reviewed the evidence.  The RSPCA have been led to believe that the English government will NOT be following suit.

A cull could mean the eradication of 70% of the badger population and it could involve farmers and landowners being allowed to fund and carry out the cull themselves using a variety of methods including free shooting.  The RSPCA are just one of the organisations to oppose the cull and have fought against various plans put forward by different governments due to the severe welfare implications.  Licensing farmers and/or landowners to free shoot would be impossible to monitor and be inhumane.

In 2010, the RSPCA's Back Off Badgers campagin provoked an overwhelming response which recorded nearly 40,000 objections to the controversial plans for the badger cull in England.  Unfortunately it seems that the government are not paying attention to the views of the general public which has prompted the RSPCA to ask that we go directly to the top and ask the Prime Minister himself to listen.

Ask David Cameron to stop ignoring science and public opinion and Back Off Badgers! 

Click the link, enter a few details and you will be directed to a readily prepared e-mail to David Cameron.  I have changed the subject line and re-worded the e-mail as this way it is more likely that the reader will not just skip through.


The Humane Society are also asking supporters to contact the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Caroline Spelman.  Click here to do the same as above, enter a few details and hit submit  I have already written to Caroline Spelman and received a response but a reminder won't hurt!

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