Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Stop Shark Finning!

When you picture a shark you may think of the film Jaws, and have an image of a huge, toothy, blood lusting beast.  In actual fact many sharks are now the victims of violence in the form of shark finning.  Shark finning is a nasty practice so if you are likely to be upset by reading my brief description of this please skip the next few lines...  it involves catching sharks and then cutting off their fins and tails before the shark is thrown back into the water, still alive.  There really aren't words to describe how despicible this is.

Due to shark finning and overfishing several shark species are at risk of extinction.

Have a look at this website dedicated to stopping shark finning which will advise you on how to support the cause.  Please be aware that there are some graphic images on the site but if you steer clear of the homepage you won't see any of them.


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