Saturday, 9 July 2011

Dolphins don't belong in captivity

As I am sure you already know, wild dolphins are extremely intelligent as well as being incredibly playful, social and caring.  They belong in the vast oceans where they can live and play freely.  Sadly, there are 25 wild dolphins facing a life of captivity due to Resorts World Sentosa's new attraction.  

At the moment the dolphins are locked in tiny pens and captivity is utter torture for them as their unique sonar bounces off the walls right back at them, it is like being trapped in an endless house of mirrors.  Most dolphins die at a young age from illness induced by stress, some dolphins actually commit suicide.  

Avaaz says that half the dolphins will die in the first 2 years if Resorts World Sentosa suceeds in keeping them captive.  As well as this, it will legitimise the widely banned practice of capturing wild dolphins. 

The cruel wild dolphin industry has been banned from the UK to Costa Rica, so we cannot allow Resorts World to get away with this.  Two years ago the same organisation had to abandon their plans for a whale shark exhibit due to a huge outcry threatening their reputation - we need to do this again in order to set the dolphins free. 

Resorts World claim that their “interactive spa program” using the dolphins will be able to help heal sick and disabled children, there is no scientific evidence to support this technique.  They also claim their programs aid conservation, even though by capturing the dolphins in the first place they were actually hunting as they only keep the “display-worthy” dolphins and the dolphins left are unfortunately killed. 

Click here to sign the petition from Avaaz, once 750,000 signatures have been raised they will forward this to Resorts World and the media. 

Please forward this action to as many friends as possible, share on Facebook and Twitter too!

Thank you.
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