Thursday, 4 October 2012

The fight continues...

(Image Source: RSPCA)
After the deaths of over 40 sheep and subsequent suspension of live animal exports at Ramsgate port Ipswich port helped the Live Export trade to continue just one week later.  Since then CIWF has reported that over 63,000 emails have been sent to Defra Minister David Heath and Ipswich port owners ABP against the live exports from Ipswich.  On 28th September it was reported that ABP had suspended the live exports from Ipswich.  The fight is not over as transporters will now be contacting other ports to take their place.

We need to show the farming sector that the public do not support live exports and call on UK farmers seeking their help in ending the live export trade.

It is the UK farmers, as well as the government, that have the power to end this trade.  As the sheep and dairy farming sectors receive generous subsidies from the tax payer they have a responsibility to respond NOW to public opposition.

The National Farmers’ Union (NFU), the National Sheep Association (NSA), and DairyCo represent the majority of farmers involved in the live export trade, although most sheep and dairy farmers in the UK do not export their livestock. We ask that the NFU, NSA and DairyCo to respond to the tragedy at Ramsgate, and the suspensions of the trade that have followed, by calling on the farmers they represent to end this trade for good.

Please click here to email Associated British Ports today and urge them to ban the trade in live animals across all its ports, for good.

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