Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Puppy Awareness Week!

Source: The Kennel Club.

My apologies for the late notice but for those of you who don't already know we are half way through The Kennel Club's National Puppy Awareness Week!

PAW is running from 8th to 15 September and aims to help ensure that a dog is for life.  Dogs all over the country are ending up in rescue homes due to the fact that people are buying the wrong dog for their lifestyle from the wrong breeder.  The Kennel Club states that there are 210 breeds of dog as well as many crossbreeds, all have very different needs.  Pedigree dogs are bred to have predictable traits and characteristics and by doing some simple research it is easy to find a dog that is best suited to your lifestyle.

KC research has shown that in 2011 as many as one in four people could potentially have bought their puppy from a puppy farm without even knowing.  As you already know if you are a regular reader of this blog, puppies on puppy farms are born to overused and abused dogs that are kept in horrendous conditions.  Puppy farmers place health and welfare beneath their greed, as far as they are concerned: more puppies = more money.

Beware of puppies advertised in free ads (Gumtree for example), sold over the internet or in pet shops and are collected by buyers from neutral locations such as service stations, or delivered direct.  Always ask Where's Mum? 

KC encourages people to always go to a member of the Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme, members of this scheme are the only breeders in the country who agree to follow high standards for caring for the health and welfare of their pups and who agree to allow a KC inspector access to their premises.  If you are looking for a rescue dog, use the Kennel Club Rescue Dog Directory to find a Breed Rescue or another rescue home.

Other recommended rescues include:

The Kennel Club is asking people to:

Show your support for Puppy Awareness Week here by printing off posters, leaflets and stickers and spreading the word.

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