Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Pup Aid 2012: The Event

After months of waiting, the day of Pup Aid had arrived and the weather couldn't have been better, the sun shone down on the fantastic location of Primrose Hill in North West London. 


Not long after we arrived we stumbled upon a great doggy paddling pool which dogs were quickly taking advantage of to cool down.  Suki preferred to observe, rather than partake!  There was much bottom sniffing and tail wagging as Pup Aid provided the perfect opportunity for our four legged friends to interact whilst us owners compared notes.


We visited stalls such as Lush, Four Paws, Dogs Trust, The Mayhew Animal Home... and had a go at various competitions as well as signing petitions for worthy causes such as animal testing.  Myself and my sister treated ourselves to some special Lush Pup Aid soap, it is so pretty to look at I am not sure I want to use it just yet.  I was even asked to record a clip for Four Paws' You Tube campaign on Animal Testing, it wasn't as easy as I thought to talk to the camera!

I am proud to announce that Suki came third in the Scruffts Prettiest Bitch competition, the winner of which was a gorgeous little dog that had actually been rescued from a Puppy Farm which was very fitting. 

Suki showing the judge her party trick.

Suki showing the judge her best angle!

Going to collect Suki's Third Place Rosette,
Suki looks back to check that Daddy is coming too!

Well done gorgeous!

Along with the creator of Pup Aid, TV Vet Marc Abraham, many celebrities turned out to offer their support for the cause; Singer Brian May, Actor and Comedian Ricky Gervais popped in, Pup Aid was opened by Designer Meg Matthews and her daughter Anais, Singer and Actress Sarah Harding, Singer Liam Gallagher and wife Nicole Appleton also attended among others.

Image via Cow PR

Image via Cow PR

Image via Cow PR

There was a fantastic response and the celebrity presence has meant that Pup Aid has been covered by national newspapers which has raised even more awareness!

If you didn't get chance to attend Pup Aid you can still do your bit and help raise awareness by telling everyone you know about Pup Aid and the Where's Mum campaign.  Check out the site here and I will do my best to update you.

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