Thursday, 17 May 2012

Welsh dog breeding legislation contains serious flaws

The good news is that the Welsh Government is working on a new law addressing dog breeding legalisation in Wales, (I say good although I would prefer if puppy farms were shut down and made illegal - therefore this is slightly better than nothing).  The bad news, is that they aren't shutting puppy farms down and their proposals contain some serious flaws.  

There are specifically four areas causing concern to campaigners, which include how long puppies will get to socialise each day.  All responsible dog owners will know that socialisation is a very important requirement for a young puppy in order for them to grow up able to socialise with humans and other dogs in a healthy manner, if a dog does not experience this socialisation as a puppy it could lead to disaster in later life.  

There is also concern for the proposed staff/dog ratios not being enough with the Government considering 30 dogs per one member of staff, Welsh campaigners Cariad have stated that this means dogs will only receive 10 minutes of care per day and want the number lowered to 20 dogs per member of staff.  Cariad also state that Wales is the British capital for volume puppy breeding with many puppy farms operating without a licence.

If you live in Wales please click here to send a message to the Welsh Government about how they can give puppies and dogs a fairer deal.  The deadline for this is in just a few days time, as the consultation ends on Wednesday 23rd May.  If you don't live in Wales but know someone who does, please let them know about this.  (I don't live in Wales but sent the message anyway!)

If you live in England you can help by taking action against irresponsible dog ownership, get involved here.  Please try to take the time to personalise the message a little before sending it.

Please join Cariad, who are tirelessly campaigning to end puppy farming in Wales, and lend your support by printing off, filling in and posting this postcard to John Griffiths, the Minister for Environment & Sustainable Development.

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