Monday, 7 May 2012

Stop the illegal dog meat trade.

After digesting the shocking news and witnessing the horrific images of 505 dogs destined to be served up as food in Chinese restaurants rescued in China's Yunnan Province last month, I was alarmed to hear of smugglers in North Eastern Thailand exporting around 30,000 stray dogs to Vietnam each month charging $10 per dog.  Although eating dog meat is regarded as being uncivilized in Thailand, grilled dog meat sells for three times the price of pork in Vietnam.

Echoing the disturbing images from China, stray dogs are crammed into wire cages and smuggled through illegal river borders.  Most are sent to Vietnam but a minority are butchered and sold as "meat" in Thai open markets despite residents complaining about the disgusting practice.

Wit, the boss of a dog collecting crew, says "We have to pay the police to leave us alone."

Please sign this petition to encourage the authorities in Tae Rae to crack down on the dog meat trade.

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