Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Please help stop the proposed foie gras production unit in China.

Image from The Telegraph Newspaper.
It's back to the Far East again, this time it is geese that are being cruelly treated.  

HSI and CIWF have learnt of plans to open a huge foie gras producing unit which just happens to be next to a vital wildlife habitat and water source.  

The facility aims to confine millions of geese with a goal of producing 1,000 tonnes of foie gras each year.  In order to produce foie gras, ducks and geese are force fed an unnatural amount of food via a long pipe which reaches directly into their stomachs.  This causes the birds livers to become enlarged and diseased.

This practice is prohibited in most of Europe as well as Argentina, Israel and more recently in the U.S state of California.

Despite this, a British company has recently been exposed by CIWF and HSI as helping to fund the development of this foie gras factory farm.  Creek Projects Investments PLC has invested millions of pounds into the project, both organisations have written to Creek Projects urging them to stop funding animal cruelty.

Please click on this link to ask the Chinese government to stop plans for the cruel foie gras production facility.

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