Monday, 21 May 2012

The end may be in sight for Harp Seals

A glimmer of hope shines for Canadian Harp Seals as it seems the end of the commercial seal slaughter in Canada is in sight.  

Due to the public outcry and years of campaigning, global demand for seal products has dramatically reduced and become almost obsolete.  This means that around 300,000 baby Harp Seals were saved this year and in the past four years over one million have been spared. (Figures taken from HSUS)

Even more good news is that Canadian Senator Mac Harb, last month, introduced legislation in the Canadian Senate to end the commercial slaughter and the bill was unanimously approved to pass for second reading.

Before we get too comfortable we must remember that Harp Seals are still being slaughtered, this year the Canadian government authorised sealers to club and shoot 400,000 seals.  

Mac Harb's critical legislation is still up for debate so we need to convince the Canadian Senate to support this lifesaving bill and end the horrendously cruel seal slaughter for good.  Please spare a moment to click here and show your support.

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