Thursday, 15 March 2012

Thank you Russia, on behalf of the Harp Seals

The Canadian seal slaughter will begin in a matter of weeks.  However, there is some good news... the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Belarus recently passed a historic ban on the trade of harp seal fur which is the main product of the seal slaughter.  Russia was a primary market for seal products and an order for 100,000 baby seal skins has been cancelled!  The drop in demand means we are a step closer to ending the annual seal slaughter for good.

Unfortunately, the Canadian government vows to reverse the ban through diplomatic pressure which leaves hundreds of thousands of baby seals at risk of being shot or clubbed to death.

This means the future of the ban hangs in the balance and it is vital that we commend the leaders in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus for enforcing the ban and asking them not to give into pressure from the Canadian government.  Please click here and spend a moment adding your details to the readily prepared correspondence.

If you have time, please click here and add your details in order to contact the Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper and ask him to call of this years cull.

Finally, it will only take a minute to add your name to PETA's petition here.

Source: Humane Society International
Image Source: The Guardian
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