Monday, 19 March 2012

Help Crack down on Wildlife Crime in London

Source: WSPA
The beautiful tiger cub above would have been around 10 days old when it was killed and stuffed.  Instead of living the life it deserved, the cub's destiny was a mantelpiece in London.

London is an important hub for the illegal wildlife trade, WSPA describes it as being "a shop window on the world of wildlife crime".  When the new London Mayor is elected in a few months time there will much for them to do including policing the wildlife crime that is so rife in the city, this needs to be tackled in order to close down the marketplace for the whole of the UK.

As being put in charge of one of the biggest cities in the world, the future Mayor needs to seriously commit to resourcing London's specialist wildlife police in order to crack down wildlife crime on the streets which leads to saving animals in the wild and putting criminals in jail.

Please click here to remind the new Mayor of London that the world is watching and to ask them to take the concerns of people in the UK into account and commit to cracking down wildlife crime and saving animals in the wild.  Simply enter a few details and your name will be added to the readily prepared open letter.

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