Wednesday, 29 February 2012

February: In Review

Hasn't this month just flown by?  As I type this the sun is streaming through the blinds behind me and I keep glancing at the beautiful vase of daffodils on my desk.  Spring is well and truly here and I am so looking forward to lighter evening walks with Suki and sitting outside to eat lunch.  So, let's round up February on The Animal News...

What better way to launch into February than with a victory as Air France agreed not to transport 60 live primates from Adrica to the USA for vivisection.

Another victory followed with the joyful news that plans for a Beagle breeding facility in Yorkshire have been rejected, thanks to people power!

For every victory, there is another campaign and CIWF are currently working on a campaign striving for more humane and sustainable farming practices

At the time of writing, the proposed pilot badger cull is still going ahead.  If you live in one of the pilot areas you can help make a difference.

People in their droves are turning to classifieds such as Gumtree to "re-home" their unwanted pets, this is causing untold misery to the animals concerned and The Animal News thinks it is time that all classified websites remove animals from their listings.

The population of Hares in the UK has suffered a serious decline but there is a way to help if we seek advice from our Scottish neighbours.

In an update to the 8 Hours campaign we heard that there is fresh hope if the majority of MEPs sign the Written Declaration calling for the "establishment of a maximum 8-hour journey limit" by 15th March.  Have you contacted your MEP yet? 

As well as classifieds like Gumtree allowing the sale of animals, Facebook Marketplace is a breeding ground for puppy farmers.

What is happening with the ban on the use of live animals in circuses?

I introduced you to the new "Responses" page.

Snares are cruel and dangerous causing a slow and painful death for animals unlucky enough to be caught, help effect a ban.

Shocking news that were selling whale products on their site, this has now come to and end.  

If you have time please do go back and check that you have taken all the actions and shared them with your friends and family, thank you for all your hard work this month!

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