Thursday, 16 February 2012

Fresh Hope for Victims of Farm Animal Export

You may have read my previous posts regarding the export of live livestock through the port of Ramsgate.  According to CIWF, over 60,000 sheep, pigs and calves have suffered whilst been exported through the port within a 7 month period.

RSPCA have reported that their investigations have raised concerns that the boat used to transport the animals is not suitable and states that it is time to put an end to live farm animals being sent on long journeys to farms in Europe that, in the case of calves, could be considered illegal in the UK.

RSPCA continue by stating that "last year the European Commission report recommended no changes to the current rules on live animal transport.  Despite the depth of public feeling on the issue and the extreme conditions that animals, many as young as just two weeks old, are forced to endure."

However, there is fresh hope for animals!  

If the majority of Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) sign the Written Declaration calling for the "establishment of a maximum 8-hour journey limit" by 15th March 2012 it will become an official position of the European Parliament.  This means only 369 signatures are needed, please click here to contact your MEP asking them to sign Written Declaration 0049/2011.  

If you haven't already, please sign this petition calling for Ramsgate to be allowed to cease trade from its port and for a limit of 8 hours to be put on the journey time that the animals endure.  

Remember people power and share this with your friends.

Thank you.

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