Thursday, 27 October 2011

Update on... RUSTY!

A few of you have said you miss hearing my personal stories about Suki and Rusty and there is an awful lot of catching up for you all to do.  I am going to try and start running Suki's Serene Sunday again as soon as I can lay my hands on a new camera (unfortunately I lost my camera over the summer).  As Suki has her own feature on The Animal News I would like Rusty to have a regular feature as well but so far I can only think of Rusty's Rules or Rusty's Recipes and Rusty neither follows rules or recipes!  If you think of anything please let me know by commenting in the box below, posting on the Facebook page or sending me a Tweet.

This week I will start by giving you an update on Rusty as it has been a long while since I last posted about the little rascal.  Things for Rusty have been mostly good over the summer, long days of sun bathing followed by evenings snuggled up on the bed.  Now myself and my Sister have moved out of home she can take her pick of beds.  Last time I was home for the weekend she glared accusingly at me as she wanted to sleep in my bed but I was in there, instead she lay on the window sill shooting exasperated glances in my direction.  

I say things have been mostly good because she has had a few bad experiences over the past few months, as well as having conjunctivitis and a bug that made her very sick and involved a trip to the vets she was left at a cattery for a week whilst we went on a family holiday.  It was even more upsetting for poor Rusty as we took Suki with us, I can imagine she was seething!  When she came home from the cattery she seemed to be quite spooked by the whole experience, she hid under my sister’s bed for a time before wolfing down as much food as she could manage.  We noticed that all her fur was quite matted and it took her a few days to acclimatize to being home.  It’s not that I think she was badly looked after but I think she could have been distressed by the whole experience.  Last time she stayed at a cattery she was with her sister Dusty and together they had a whale of a time together and barely noticed we’d gone.  

I’m told she is doing very well now and has settled back into her routine of leaving the house at the crack of dawn, spending the day chasing leaves and sleeping all night.

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