Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Good News for Dogs in Europe?

Suki is pleased!
The European Parliament has been busy, not only are dabbling in the Animal Testing for Cosmetics procedures, they are also considering an extremely useful proposal which could improve the way that dog populations are managed within Countries belonging to the EU.  The RSPCA reports that the European Parliament are aiming to stop inhumane methods of collecting and killing dogs and start a mandatory method of dog identification.  This could also mean good news for dogs in Britain as we don't currently have mandatory dog licensing or identification.

In order to succeed, the proposal needs the support of 369 Members of the European Parliament.  At the time of writing to me, the RSPCA had 140 signatures and needed to increase this before 6th October.  Although, it is way past that date now the action is still live on the RSPCA webpage so it is well worth clicking here and contacting your MEP and asking them to sign the declaration to improve the welfare of dogs in Europe.

Please spread the word by telling your friends and sharing this post on Facebook and Twitter, also the RSPCA site enables you to e-mail your friends with the link to the action.

Thank you!
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