Friday, 21 October 2011

Fluffy Friday #32

Fluffy Friday is back!

This week's Fluffy Friday is not only brightening up your Friday with animal pictures to coo over, we're allowing you to do this AND giving you the opportunity to contribute to a good cause whilst having a bit of fun (all without moving from the spot you're sat in!).

On a serious note, did you know that today 20 dogs will be taken on their last walk?  Rescue Centres are full of unwanted dogs and some centres are being forced to run waiting lists for animals waiting to be cared for by the centre until (hopefully) they are re-homed.

Click Here to Take lovely dog Ripley for a Virtual Walk and Pedigree will donate £1 donated on your behalf to The Pedigree Chum Adoption Drive.  Read more about the campaign here and also check out the star of the show, Ripley.  The website also allows you to tell your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

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