Monday, 4 July 2011

UPDATE on "What's wrong with rodeos?"

The League Against Cruel Sports have claimed that e-mails to Clarence House are now being blocked.  Supporters have sent around seven thousand e-mails (well done us!) to William and Kate's representatives asking them to boycott the Calgary Stampede but e-mails started bouncing back on Thursday, unfortunately.

Steve Taylor, head of campaigns at the League has quite rightly said "Burying their head in the sand won't make this issue go away. British people don't want their representatives going to see cruel rodeo events any more than they want them going to a dog fight in Afghanistan, a cock fight in the Philippines, or a public beheading in Saudi Arabia. The cruelty has become the elephant in the room and it's rather rude to block communications rather than respond to the issue."

The League are now considering how to work around this, another option is encouraging supporters to telephone Clarence House expressing their revulsion.  The League have been working closely with the Vancouver Humane Society to highlight this issue.


The Humane Society in Vancouver's are asking their supporters to make a comment on the Clarence House website by clicking here which is a good idea, if you do make a comment please keep it polite and remember to tell your friends!  Thank you.

Read the full article from the League here.
Read the League’s Open Letter to William and Kate here.
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